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Holocaust Remembrance Service

Saturday, April 26, 7 pm

Please join us as we remember the events of this terrible tragedy in our history.  We have many members in our congregation who lost family members, and we would like to honor the victims by reading their names and remembering them at the service.   Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday Services and Membership Meeting

May 10, 10 am

Service leader Rabbi Saltzman.  Oneg sponsors are Judy & Victor Marmer.

Membership Meeting and Elections

On May 10 we will hold a Membership Meeting and conduct elections, with President, Secretary, and Financial Secretary positions being voted on.  The positions are listed below and if you would like to run for one of these positions, please contact Mike Green at Read the rest of this entry »

Message from the President

by Jackie Schoch

If you missed the Purim celebration you really missed a great event. This was our largest Purim party so far. It was really great to see all the costumes. If it keeps growing we just might have to do something outside. Stay tuned! Read the rest of this entry »

Memorial and Mitzvah Boards

Have you noticed the Memorial Board in the sanctuary and the Mitzvah Board in our lobby? Have you thought I’d like to have a plaque remembering a loved one or a special occasion. Read the rest of this entry »

JEWVANGELIST: A Surprise from Hollywood

by Rabbi Arnold Saltzman

With Purim just a week away, it is custom to be busy with preparations for the holiday by making Shlach Manot, baskets with delicious deserts including the Hamanaschen made with poppy, cherry, chocolate, apple, prunes, and just about any filling you can think of to make this a sought after delicacy, so long as we don’t overindulge. Schools are busy with Purim Shpiels, plays which have light humor, and in which even being corny is acceptable on this particular day, along with masks, costumes and groggers, and the reading of the Book of Esther, Megilat Esther.

In the Five Books of Moses, the Torah, and its theme of Justice, it is rare in that we have moments of humor. Read the rest of this entry »

D’var Torah – Men’s Club Shabbat

Frank Donsky! Bless his soul. He’s the one that got me in trouble with the Rabbi. It was February of 2000. We had just gotten over the Y2K bug and I was a few months into studying with the Rabbi in what would amount to a year and a half preparation for my conversion. I had just tossed down a shot of cheap Canadian bourbon at the Kiddish table and was heading over to get a bowl of the Rabbi’s cholent when Frank grabbed my arm. Read the rest of this entry »

What Judaism Means to Me

by Mark Holt

Judaism is a set of values, principles, and laws that have guided the Jewish people for thousands of years. God was very blunt: “Follow these laws and you will prosper and multiply. Turn away and you shall perish.”

But what does that really mean? Read the rest of this entry »

What Judaism Means to Me

by Paul McVinney

I didn’t consciously choose Judaism. I chose Elaine and got Judaism in the bargain. She was strong in her faith and conviction that her children be Jewish, and I respected her decision and her tradition. Raising Jewish children meant that Elaine taught what Judaism means to three people, not just our two boys. Read the rest of this entry »

D’var Torah – Vayikra

by Nancy Gould

This week’s parasha, Vayikra, is the beginning of the book of Leviticus. Now, the book of Leviticus is arguably the most boring book of the Bible because most of what it discusses are ritual sacrifices. All of these sacrifices involve slaughtering animals.

Why don’t we perform sacrifices any more? Is it because people finally came to their senses and got rid of this barbaric custom? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Read the rest of this entry »