Women of CSS

by Elaine McVinney

The Women of CSS always have a great time when we get together.  We share life stories and laugh together.  Sometimes we go out for dinner or tea and the meal is not up to par.  So we have created another memory and say “Remember when we went to…”  So it goes with Zee Best Café last month – it turned out not to be really  Zee Best.  We agreed that the next dinner will be at Casey Jones restaurant in La Plata, Thursday, Aug. 4, at 6:30 pm. Contact me if you’d like to join us.

Upcoming activities include Activity Night, which is the fourth Thursday at 6:30 pm.  Look for the dates for mah jongg in your email.  Michele Uhler will be choosing a book for us to read and discuss.  Madelene Weinberger will be choosing a book on Jewish practices for us to discuss.  And for those who want to get their Chanukah shopping done early, we will be going to a craft fair in Montgomery County (date TBD).  Nancy Gould will be coordinating a date and time to see the Cosmic Jazz Ensemble, which will be open to everybody.

Shalom, Elaine